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Step into the illustrious legacy of Colin Bell, the Manchester City icon affectionately known as ‘Nijinsky’ for his unmatched stamina and grace on the field. Our Colin Bell football collection is a tribute to a player whose heart and soul belonged to the sky-blue side of Manchester. Hand-signed shirts and jerseys conjure images of his tireless runs, exquisite passes, and memorable goals. Authentic match-used boots, signed by Colin himself, reflect his dedication and skill that etched his name in City’s folklore. Exclusive clothing items, reminiscent of the era Bell graced, allow fans to wear a tangible piece of the club’s storied past. The collection is crowned with limited-edition photos, capturing his peerless elegance, celebratory moments, and iconic tackles. For Manchester City enthusiasts and lovers of football’s classic era, this collection is a heartfelt nod to the King of the Kippax.

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